Wishlist Page

Wishlist Page

Wishlist Page

Wishlist page with product grid.

This embed adds a Wishlist page with product grid to your store.

Column width

Adjust the column width of the product grid. Smaller columns means more products per row.

Page width

Defines a maximum allowed width. On larger screens the wishlist page will not exceed this value (in px).


Adjust the top and bottom padding of the wishlist page.

Show share button

Show or hide the wishlist share button.

Remove from wishlist

When this option is enabled, products will be removed from the wishlist when added to cart.

Product options

Set the way product option selectors (variants) are displayed.

  • Dropdowns Display product options as dropdowns.
  • Swatches Display products options as swatches.
  • None Hide the product option selectors.

Product option style

Set the product option input style.

Call to action

Set the call to action for wishlist products.

  • Add to cart Displays an add to cart button.
  • View product Displays a button that navigates to the product page.
  • None Hide button.

Call to action style

Set the call to action button style.


Align text on the product cards left, right or centre.

Image aspect ratio

Set an aspect ratio for product images. We use the aspect ratio CSS syntax for this setting. Below is a list of common values.

Note: If your store uses the same aspect ratio for all images it is best to set this to the exact aspect ratio of your images.

Note: If your store uses various aspect ratios it is best to set this to Square 1/1.

  • Landscape: 4/3
  • Portrait: 4/5
  • Square: 1/1
  • Tall portait: 2/3

Image fit

Defines how product images display within the image aspect ratio set above.

  • Contain Displays the entire product image without any cropping, adding empty space if needed.
  • Cover Crops the product image to cover the entire area defined in aspect ratio.

Show vendor

Show or hide the product vendor.

Show product title

Show or hide the product title.

Show price

Show or hide the product price.

Show option name

Show or hide the product option name (e.g. Size, Colour, etc).