Klaviyo on site tracking

Send wishlist events to Klaviyo.

Wishlist King utilises Klaviyo’s onsite tracking feature to provide wishlist related data for your Klaviyo contacts. Before you can use the integration, Klaviyo needs to be setup for you Shopify store. If you haven’t done so yet, please follow the instructions in Klaviyo’s article on how to to integrate their service with Shopify.

Troubleshoot: I don't see Wishlist events in Klaviyo Please make sure that the Klaviyo onsite tracking is working.


We track the following events for signed-in customers.

  • Added To Wishlist
  • Removed From Wishlist
  • Cleared Wishlist

Event data

The events “Added To Wishlist” and “Removed From Wishlist” contain product information.

  Brand: "GIANT",
  CurrencyCode: "EUR",
  ImageURL: "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0680/6947/files/MY23EnviLivAdvancedPro-AXS_ColorA.jpg?v=1683323074&width=1000",
  Name: "Giant EnviLiv Advanced Pro Axs",
  Price: 8663.95,
  PriceFormatted: "€8.663,95",
  ProductID: "426711523",
  Quantity: 1,
  SKU: "giant-eapa",
  Tags: ["Road"],
  URL: "/products/giant-enviliv-advanced-pro-axs",
  VariantID: 4333245532,
  WishlistProductIDs: [2745303427, 6888872050711, 2745169155, 2745103235, 2745017411],
  WishlistUrl: "https://appmate.myshopify.com/pages/wishlist/mine"

Customer properties

Every logged in customer who uses the wishlist will receive these custom properties.

  • WishlistProductIDs
  • WishlistUrl

Email templates

You can render Wishlist products in email templates, but it requires a basic understanding of Klaviyo’s email template syntax. If you are not sure about this, we recommend asking a professional for help.

Render public wishlist link

<a href="{{ person.WishlistUrl }}">View Wishlist</a>

Render product from event

{% catalog event.ProductID unpublished="cancel" %} 
	<a href="{{ catalog_item.url }}">
	  <img width="200px" style="width: 200px;" src="{{ catalog_item.featured_image.full.src }}" />
	<p style="color: black;">{{ catalog_item.title }}</p>
{% endcatalog %}

Wishlist reminder flow

This is an example of a wishlist reminder flow in Klaviyo.