Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

Get started with Wishlist King for Shopify

Wishlist King provides two options for adding wishlist components: Theme Extensions which are easy to use and don't require coding, and Code Access for developers who need more advanced customisations.

Migrating from another wishlist app? We can import existing customer wishlists from other apps for you.

Install the app from the Shopify app store and follow our setup guide within the app. All new customers will receive a 14 day trial free of charge.

Let us set up the wishlist for you! That way we can implement a more advanced header link and make sure everything blends nicely with your store's design. Request setup →

Quick Start

  1. Open theme editor in Shopify admin
  2. Activate the App Settings embed
    • Make sure to select a theme preset!
  3. Activate Collection Buttons embed
  4. Activate Floating Wishlist Link embed
  5. Activate Wishlist Page embed
  6. Add Product Page Button app block via sections