Custom Wishlist Page

Custom Wishlist Page

Custom Wishlist Page

Setup a custom wishlist page.

The app’s default wishlist page can simply be enabled via an app embed. Alternatively you can setup a custom wishlist page following the steps outlined below. This will enable you to add additional code to the wishlist page template and also change the default page address from /apps/wishlist to something like /pages/wishlist or /pages/favourites etc.

Custom wishlist address A custom wishlist page will no longer use the default address /apps/wishlist and instead use /pages/your-handle.

Step By Step

  • Create a new page in Shopify admin
    • Enter a name and then click: Edit website SEO
    • Remember the page handle (e.g. wishlist)
  • Open the theme editor and find the Wishlist King App Settings embed
    • Change the wishlist path setting to: /pages/your-handle
      • Replace “your-handle” with the actual page handle
  • Open the template menu at the top centre of the theme editor
    • Select: Pages > Create template
    • Enter name: Wishlist
    • Select: Create template
  • Add section to new template named: Wishlist Page
  • Hide the default page section
  • Save the new template
  • In Shopify admin, navigate to: Online Store > Pages
  • Open the previously create wishlist page
    • Assign thew new template named wishlist
    • Save your changes
  • The custom wishlist page is now available on your store

Alternative Code Setup

In some cases you might want to manually add the Wishlist Page to your liquid code. You can use the below snippet, which will render the default Wishlist Page.

Wishlist Embed required Using this technique still requires the Wishlist App embed to be activated.